Our Heritage


1955 First Laguna Open Held

Gene Selznick & Bernie Holtzman win the inaugural Laguna Open over Don McMahon & Mike O'Hara.  They proceeded with a ThreePeat to win the 1956 & 1957 Laguna Open Tournaments as well.  Greta Thyssen adorned.

Dain Blanton & Eric Fonoimoana won the 2000 Olympic gold medal for the USA in beach volleyball in Sy

Laguna Local Dain Blanton Wins Beach Volleyball Gold

Dain Blanton & Erica Fonoimoana won gold in the 2000 Sydney Games.  Dain also won a collegiate title and AVP title, a rare triple champion!


The Greatest Players Win in Laguna

Gene Selznick, Ron Lang, Ron Von Hagen, Greg Lee, Jim Menges, Sinjin Smith, Randy Stoklos, Karch Kiraly.  Can you join the pantheon of stars?

Our Story

Additional Information

Laguna Beach is an historic beach volleyball site and one of the first places in America where beach volleyball tournaments were first held.  This page is dedicated to the volleyball tournaments and events in Laguna Beach, where we host the Men's Laguna Open and Women's Laguna Open pro tournaments along with several other youth and adult events.  

Heritage and tradition run deep in Laguna where many of the sports best players have played in the Laguna Open. The men's event is the world's longest running continuously played "Open" beach volleyball tournament.

Through the years, the greats of men's and women's  beach volleyball have played here including on the men's side: Ron Von Hagen, Ron Lang, the late great Gene Selznick, Butch May, Mike O'Hara, Greg and John Lee, Rudy Suwara, Jay Hanseth, Jon Lee, Jim Menges, Leonard Amato, Bob Vogelsand, Chris Marlowe, Andy Fishburn, Pat Powers, Karch Kiraly, Sinjin Smith, Randy Stoklos, Tim Hovland, Mike Dodd, Larry Mear, Ricci Luyties, Brent Frohoff, Scott Ayakatubby, Sean Fallowfield, Scott Freiderichsen, Brian Lewis, Scott Fortune, Ryan Mariano, Sean Rosenthal, Taylor and Trevor Crabb, Ed Ratledge, Ryan Doherty, Casey Patterson, Tri Bourne, Hawk Hatcher, Chase Frishman,  Sean Rosenthal,  Eric Zaun and many, many more.  

On the women's side they include Barbara May, Kathy Gregory, Nancy Cohen, Nina Matthies, Kathy Hanley, Janice Harrer, Elaine Rocque, Karolyn Kirby, Jackie Silva, Bonnie Counts, Gabby Roney, Lynne Galli, Lisa Rutledge, and many more.  (Note: we are missing the results from 1991 to 2001 if you know of any, please send us a note) The players of today stand upon their shoulders.


Our Team


Tournament Director

Volunteer Coordinator

Tournament Director

Kirk Morgan has been the Tournament Director & CBVA Representative since 2002.  Kirk also organizes the City of Laguna Beach's public volleyball classes. He runs the Open, A, Men's & Women's Tournaments.


Player Ambassador

Volunteer Coordinator

Tournament Director

Mike Garcia-Jurado is Main Beach's resident pro.  After a great career at UCLA Volleyball, Mike played on the AVP for many years.  He represents the AVP, FIVB, CBVA & local Club, High School & local Main Beach crew of players.

Blair Applegate is the Volunteer Coordinator.  From fundraising, supplies, working with sponsors, gu

Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator

Blair Applegate & many other volunteers strive to bring the Laguna Open back to its former glory.  He & his wife work with sponsors, suppliers, other organizations  to make a day on Main Beach the best!